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Outbound Training Programs (OBT)

Peak Team Performance

Peak Team PerformanceOutbound Training Programs at The School of Leadership are conducted for "Peak team performances" using the outdoor simulated activities, which give helps in handling real situations at the organizations.

TSL is one of the few organizations in the world which has a research team constantly working in enhancing simulate outbound training programs to ensure each activity brings out specific learning so that the participant retained the learning forever.

TSL firmly believes that "Outbound Training Programs" are meant to bring out experiential learning so that the participant can reflect the real situations rather than a test of physical fitness.

Peak Team Performance Peak team performance program is based on Experiential Active Learning Methodology (EALM). During the program participants more readily understand what they are learning and thus retain the knowledge forever. This hands-on experiential learning is highly motivating, refreshing and long lasting.

During the entire course of the program, participant's conscious mind is entertained while the learning is embedded in the subconscious mind.

Outbound facility at the campus:

TSL has a lush green campus of 42 acres at Bangalore with all modern amenities for the participant to enjoy during their stay. Similar campuses are at Chennai & Hyderabad. Various outbound simulated props are designed inside the campus like dynamic obstacle course, mini obstacle course, fire walk area, a man-made water body for water bond activities plus a dedicated 2-acre arena for paint-ball war simulation activity.

Peak Team Performance


TSL's Instructor are highly experienced and provide the experiential stimulus, and the learning of that stimulus will vary greatly depending upon the learning approach used.

More than 20,000 participants have undergone outbound training programs at TSL campus at Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.


Workshop Design Format:

. Two days residential for positive transformational change or for diverse teams integration
. One-day overnight stay program with fire walk for performance enhancement
. One-day program for refreshing the learning's
. Customized program are also conducted to simulate established models on outbound format to bring out specific learning's.


This workshop can address various requirements like:

. Bringing in change within the team to perform good to great
. Setting and achieving goals
. Importance of individual contribution for team's success
. When to compete and to collaborate in a team
. Importance of effective communication
. Motivating each other during work
. Sensitizing quality consciousness
. Working towards a common objective
. Managing conflicts
. Managing crisis situation

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