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Power Mind - (The Fire Walk)

POWER MIND is an amazing workshop that helps you to instantly tame your sub-conscious  mind  to accept positive change and unleash the limiting beliefs you have been carrying and improve your decision making skills.

During the power mind session, participants learn to tame their amygdala to accept positive change and to take calculated risk. Participants eat fire and walk on fire with ease and find for themselves  the power of their  sub-conscious and its influence on their decision making.

POWER MIND is a powerful way to address individual growth and potential, which is commonly a much neglected approach to teaching and developing people of all ages. It produces positive emotional effects, notably - confidence, self-esteem, a sense of personal value and purpose.

Post the workshop, you will go back with a much stronger feeling of a stronger outlook and understand the POWER OF MIND !

Designed for : Employees who wish to challenge the status co.

Course Format

One day workshop 

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