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Business Leadership Program (Mid-Level)

Management is the art of creating an environment where people can learn, take initiative and feel empowered enough to take measured personal and professional risk.

Business Leadership Program (BLP) is a 2-day workshop, which is highly interactive and experiential program, which helps individuals to identify their own role and role of others in the organization and how different roles complement one another.

It also focuses on crafting the organization's portfolio and determining what businesses should be, what are the performance requirements and what types of alliances that make sense. It also focuses on defining the culture, values, and way of working together to achieve corporate vision and goals.

Designed for : Mid level Managers or for managers who have been promoted recently or Team Leaders taking up the role of a manager. This workshop also helps for those who have made horizontal moves in the organization.


. Understanding the role of a middle manager
. Business communication with internal & external stakeholders
. Manager’s role in setting individual and group objectives
. Conducting effective business reviews
. Understanding various stakeholder’s perceptions and their behaviors
. What to delegate, when to delegate and monitoring mechanisms
. How to provide effective feedback under four most difficult situations
. How to conduct employee performance reviews
. Handling team conflicts

Course Format : Two day workshop.

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