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Assessment Center Certification Program (ACCP)

This is a workshop for individuals who wish to be certified to run an Assessment Center. By attending this program, you will be able to conduct assessments using Behavioral Observation using Organic Methodology (BOOM) assessment tools. Unlike other methods of behavioral assessment, most of which rely on people's perceptions of behavior, BOOM assessment involves watching, and recording the behavior of a person in typical simulated environment. BOOM observations are more objective than of perceptions.

Designed for:

HR practitioners from large organizations who wish to introduce professional Assessment Centers and help in recruitment, selection and promotion.

Individuals who wish to take-up the career as a Professional Assessor and increase earning potential, and run Assessment Centers independently.


. Insights of how to set-up and run an assessment center
. Competency mapping for various roles
. How to design course curriculum to assess various competencies
. Learn various assessment techniques
. How to use behavioral observation recording tools
. Sensitivity and assessment reactivity
. How to facilitate each activity along with brief and a debrief
. How to quantity behavioral results

Course Format : (2+1+1 day workshop)

Two day workshop followed by two practical sessions of one day each.

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