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Outbound trainer certification (OTC)

Train The Trainer Workshop

Train The Trainer Workshop

Conventional teaching and training are based mainly on knowledge or skills transfer, but it does not address individual growth and potential particularly well.  Adult learning need a blend of experiential tools along with theory so that the individual can feel and reflect upon the learning.

Outbound training is not about conducting games in an open area, nor to check physical endurance of a person or acrobatic skills. Outbound experiential learning is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill, and value directly from an experience within the environment. The School of Leadership has pioneered the art of "Training the subconscious mind and entertaining the conscious mind"


workshop helps the facilitator to understanding the participant's frame of mind and create lasting impact of the learning. It is a powerful way to address individual growth and potential, which is commonly a much-neglected approach to teaching and developing people of all ages. It produces positive emotional effects, notably confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of personal value and purpose. Outbound experiential trainer is responsible for providing the experiential stimulus, and the quality of that stimulus will vary greatly depending upon the pedagogical approach used.

Outbound certified trainers will learn how to plan course curriculum, understand which activity has greater impact,how to administer obstacle course and followi safety instructions etc. They also learn how and when to do a briefing of activity, when to conduct de-briefing, when and how to share observations without hurting emotions. 

Who should attend: Practicing HR professional & trainers who wish learn the art of facilitating experiential learning.

Train The Trainer Workshop

How will it benefit?

By getting certified on Outbound Training concepts, you can effectively facilitate programs by creating simulated activities fore each module you deliver within your organization. You can to have your employee engagement levels will be much higher as you will be customizing simulations based on the requirements, thereby saving huge cost of external interventions.

Individual trainers can enhance their earning capability  by facilitating OUTBOUND TRAINING PROGRAMS to their client, by using the right techniques and methodology and become professional outbound trainers.

What more?

By being a CERTIFIED OUTBOUND TRAINER from TSL, you can get empanelled as a part-time faculty to conduct programs to using assessment tools, props, and material and support staff of TSL campus, and constantly practice your knowledge on various participants, helping your organization and the society.

This workshop can address various requirements like:

. How to deign simulated activities for various requirements.
. Facilitating programs where participants are of heterogeneous culture and age.
. Conduct effective briefing and de-briefing.
. Linking the learning with different variation of the same activity.
. Developing course curriculum based on expectation mapping.
. When to use assessment tools with curriculum to create greater impact.
. Creating action plans from the learning and develop sustained knowledge.

2 day workshop + two 1 day practicum on program days.


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