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Corporate Trainer Certification (CTC)

Today every training intervention needs to be measured and quantified. This is where most of the behavioral trainers face the biggest challenge.

Corporate Trainer Certification workshop helps you in understanding the behavioral aspect of both the company and the participant's requirements, and create courseware which can be measured, and ROI of training programs can be calculated.

You will learn the art of delivering measurable training programs under the supervision of expert faculty who have done in-depth research on how to measure training effectiveness and achieve ROI for all your training programs.

This course will also benefit those who are in the L&D function as they learn the aspects of how to evaluate training programs and also the learning outcomes. This will help them in creating a learning organization as well as creating individual development plans for their staff or departments. 


Designed for :

  • Behavioral trainers & Freelance professionals
  • Technical Instructors who wish to create impactful sessions
  • Internal soft skill trainers who deliver customized programs
  • HR managers who wish to implement training policy
  • Corporate & academic professional who wish to venture into freelance training 

Upon completing this course you will  :

  • Improve instructor skills to effectively prepare for, manage, conduct, facilitate and evaluate a training event
  • Deliver a training session successfully
  • Use tools and techniques to enhance instruction
  • How to write and structure training programs
  • Improve presentation and communication skills
  • Effectively motivate participants and engage their active participation during training
  • Effectively integrate group work and collaborative learning

Course Format

Two Day workshop with 1+1 day practicum. 

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